When Mongol came into power, Fuliang Porcelain Bureau was established to oversee the production of Imperial porcelain in Jingdezhen. This marked the beginning prosperity of the much celebrated underglaze blue and underglaze red porcelain. Because of the very vast empire and embracing multi cultures, Muslim and Chinese artisans worked side by side in creating a rich artistic blend of art tradition. Much of the early matured underglaze blue was made for export to the Islamic world. Some Imperial porcelain that marked with underglaze red Persian script, was intended for the Il-Khanate Dynasty, probably for Abu Sa'id Khan order, the last Kings of Tatars in the territories.

In Ming Dynasty, this exchanges of Imperial porcelain even further extended into as far as Africa by the Admiral Zheng He with his treasure fleet's naval expeditions. Hence, Chinese Imperial porcelain considered one of the most magnificent artifacts and has been second to none in the history of art. It has reshaped the world.

Now here at Chinese Imperial Porcelain web Museum, we try to bring the lost glamour back. Acquired from several well known Indonesian collectors, we housed the most complete of Yuan Imperial porcelain jars in the world and only second to Topkapi, in respect of quantity. Our Ming Imperial Porcelain collection is not less astonishing either and we also housed Yuan and Ming style revival in our porcelain collection. As for the pictures, we have adjusted the lighting similar to bright noon light. And we also provide some with macro picture of the glaze, intended for 'Bubbles', 'Coloured Bubbles' and 'Microscopic Phenomena Identification' peeping connoisseurs.

We all know that the most dangerous copies were Late Qing and Republic era work, and also not forgeting Late Ming and Early Qing, rather than 21st century copies. Therefore several of our collection, one every each type, has been Thermoluminescence (TL) tested for authentication and in the near future we try to test most of it, if not all.

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